Lectures & Demonstrations

Sally is well placed to communicate her knowledge of architectural glass. Using colourful illustrations she shows contemporary as well as ancient windows, describing the techniques required in their making. Below you will see examples of themes for talks that may be of interest:

  • The art and craft of stained glass work.
  • A brief history of glass both ecclesiastical and domestic.
  • From the studio – the client, design, making and installation of a glasswork.
  • Modern painters working in an ancient medium including Chagall, Matisse, Leger, Piper, Geddes, Schreiter, Brangwyn.

She has given talks at various places including:

The Art Workers Guild, London
Bruton Art Society
Wells Evening Society
The Alan Baxter Gallery, London
Victoria Art Gallery, Bath


Please see Sally’s CONTACT page for more information or to make a booking.