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Sally takes commissions in glass. The client’s taste and the architectural context are always carefully considered. She designs the glass to enhance a building and to tell a story, even in abstract form.

The handmade glass that she uses is of the best quality. Sometimes permanent oxide enamel paint and traditional silver stain decorate the surface. Lead is used to hold the glass together. Some of the commissions, both private and public, and gained from the many years of Sally’s practise are illustrated on this site.

She is available for giving talks and demonstrations relating to the making and history of this beautiful medium. For more information on lecture themes and how to book Sally, please see LECTURES.

During April and May one of Sally’s stained glass panels, celebrating the book In Pursuit of Spring by Edward Thomas, is being shown at the Black Swan Gallery Frome. She will be exhibiting and selling panels and prints from her open garage during Bear Flat Open Studios from May 29 – May 31.

Sally is a Past Master of the Art Workers Guild and an Associate of the British Society of Master Glass Painters.

Her windows can be seen in the following churches:

The Good Shepherd, Tadworth, Surrey
St James’ Church, Rowledge, Surrey
St William Church, Sheffield
St Mary’s, Batcombe, Somerset
St Juthware, Halstock, Dorset
St Mary’s, Lottisham, near Glastonbury

She has recently completed a glass installation on a lightbox for the Spiritual Care Centre at Royal United Hospital, Bath.

Copies of Sally’s book Art Through Glass are available at £13.50 inc. pp . from the artist.

Sally’s links to:

art workers guild
british society of master glass painters
society of designer craftsmen london
Bear Flat Artists
stained glass museum ely cathedral
victoria art gallery bath
Citysound Voices Choir


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